Should I Hire A Property Photographer?

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The rise of online estate agents and short-term rental websites means that landlords can now have more control of marketing their properties than ever before. And this trend is only likely to grow as the Internet spreads it’s webs into every corner of our lives, making it difficult for us to Live without it. It has indeed made our lives easier and has drastically reduced our cost of living; As we no longer need to hire expensive estate agents on the high street means we now lack the resources, their expertise and dare I say it: the guidance that we once had.

I am for the new age, the new freedom. This new freedom shouldn’t mean that the quality of online listings are to be reduced like the costs of estate agents; But, time and time again, I am perplexed by the quality of images that landlords are uploading on various online portals. It appears as though little or no thought has gone into that one important step that will produce valuable, quality leads.

Some landlords have spent some time writing up very detailed description of their property and even trivial information about their neighbours’ garden, but haven’t invested in great photographs of their property.
The number of listings online is growing rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down as landlords take the reins of  their property marketing.

Hiring a professional property photographer guarantees a level of expertise and image quality that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve by yourself.

A property interior photographer’s eye foresees the end of the photographs; this means that any adjustments of the interior or external of the property will be made during the photography session to mitigate any loss of time.

Hiring a property photographer starts from as little as £50; this initial fee is very little compared to what landlords will achieve when they secure a tenant or when they sell their property; Yet, landlords are constantly looking for ways to avoid this investment. There’s only one way that this leads to: which is, the property stays on the market longer than it needs to or, viewings do not result to a sale or the securing of a tenant because the property was misrepresented online. Not only does this waste the landlord’s time,but also the prospective buyer/renter’s.