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Before Booking A House Photographer & Preparation

You’ve booked a house photographer and want to prepare your house for the appointment. Follow these tips for a successful photoshoot and to make the photographer’s job easier:


  • Clean, stain-free bedsheets.
  • Remove unnecessary items from the bedside.
  • Opt for plain bedding and avoid busy patterns or bright colors.
  • Use neutral colors and add complementary cushions and pillows.

Kitchen countertops:

  • Clear the countertops by storing everything in the cupboards, including the kettle and toaster.
  • Remove washing liquid and sponges.


  • Hide movable items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, sponges, and towels.
  • If you have clean white towels, fold them nicely or hang them on the bathtub.

Put it away:

  • Store any unnecessary objects to create a spacious look.
  • Utilize cupboards or unused rooms for temporary storage.
  • Keep the photographer’s access clear and put items back as they move between rooms.


  • Ensure all doors can be fully opened to allow light and create a sense of flow.


  • Open blinds to showcase views and natural light.
  • Closed blinds raise suspicion and diminish the appeal.


  • If possible, turn off the TV or hide it.
  • Bookshelves add sophistication.


  • Keep an eye on pets and prevent them from being in the areas being photographed.


  • Clear the driveway of debris and remove parked cars for an unobstructed view.


  • Remove bins from sight on the day of the photography appointment.


  • Tidy up the garden for an attractive outdoor space.


  • If there are skips waiting to be collected after renovations, it’s best to schedule the photoshoot after their removal.

Feel free to rearrange items temporarily to enhance the house’s appearance. Remember, the appointment is short, and you can move things back afterwards. Consider adding fresh flowers or a fruit bowl for added visual appeal.

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