Should I Hire A Property Photographer?

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The rise of online estate agents and short-term rental websites means that landlords can now have more control of marketing their properties than ever before. And this trend is only likely to grow as the Internet spreads it’s webs into every corner of our lives, making it difficult for us to Live without it. It has indeed made our lives easier and has drastically reduced our cost of living; As we no longer need to hire expensive estate agents on the high street means we now lack the resources, their expertise and dare I say it: the guidance that we once had.

I am for the new age, the new freedom. This new freedom shouldn’t mean that the quality of online listings are to be reduced like the costs of estate agents; But, time and time again, I am perplexed by the quality of images that landlords are uploading on various online portals. It appears as though little or no thought has gone into that one important step that will produce valuable, quality leads.

Some landlords have spent some time writing up very detailed description of their property and even trivial information about their neighbours’ garden, but haven’t invested in great photographs of their property.
The number of listings online is growing rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down as landlords take the reins of  their property marketing.

Hiring a professional property photographer guarantees a level of expertise and image quality that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve by yourself.

A property interior photographer’s eye foresees the end of the photographs; this means that any adjustments of the interior or external of the property will be made during the photography session to mitigate any loss of time.

Hiring a property photographer starts from as little as £50; this initial fee is very little compared to what landlords will achieve when they secure a tenant or when they sell their property; Yet, landlords are constantly looking for ways to avoid this investment. There’s only one way that this leads to: which is, the property stays on the market longer than it needs to or, viewings do not result to a sale or the securing of a tenant because the property was misrepresented online. Not only does this waste the landlord’s time,but also the prospective buyer/renter’s.

Why Is Professional Property Photography Important?

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No matter how logical we think ourselves to be, the hard truth is that we humans are heavily biased emotional beings when it comes to making decisions. Property photographs are a crucial point of contact. Most buyers won’t peek any further if photographs fail to intrigue them and this is what makes professional property photography such an important element of the equation.

According to, 92% buyers use the Internet during their home search. This single statistic is enough to realize the importance of internet in today’s buying decisions. For property sellers, this goes on to explain why great property photography is so imperative. Things are now online and to understand how an online buyer goes about things, you have to get in their shoes.

Getting the visual appeal right is one of the most, if not the single most important factor affecting buyer interest in online platforms. Talking about real property rental/sales, this is where a professional property photographer comes into play. Acquiring the services of a professional saves you extra effort and churn out the best version of your property. Without further ado, let us look into more reasons that substantiate professional property photography and how it almost guarantees quicker and higher sales:


Understanding The Buyers:

Properties must be staged before putting them out on listings. Remember, how emotions play a pivotal role in a buyer’s decisions. A potential buyer must be able to envision themselves living and relaxing in the photos they are looking at. Through their years of experience, real estate / property photographers understand how to spur these emotions.

Unlike an agent, photographers precisely know how the furniture should be oriented, or how the lighting should be, in order to get captivating results. It is not a guess. They are masters of triggering emotions and interest. After all, they make a living out of it, and there is experience and expertise to back their opinion. Utilize their insight to stage and photograph your properties.

Moreover, professional property photography is conducted in a manner that a buyer/renter gets to see various structural and architectural elements of the building. Great coherence also ensures that most fascinating areas are not missed.


Capturing the photos, although takes a lot, is only a half job done. After the shoot, photos are edited and modified to get awe-striking results. Firstly, the most appropriate snaps are selected. Once the best photos are selected, they are further edited and enhanced through different software tools.

Spacious captures are often the most preferred ones. More space provides more room to play around and tweak the pictures better.

Pictures are edited to enhance the important details and hide the least important ones. As a result, we have high-quality property photographs that look flawless and spruced.

Professional property photography is way more technical and intricate than it outwardly seems. What we have just gone through is still a glimpse of things a property photographer does for you. Behind the lens, there is a lot of stuff going on which we conveniently overlook and consider our iPhone camera skills a replacement.

In comparison to the avenues it opens, cost of hiring a professional property photographer is meagre. It might seem like a lot initially but think of it as an investment. Wait and if the results are tight, these charges only feel peanuts in the hindsight.

Cutting-Edge Equipment:

To sell properties quickly and at higher prices, you can’t expect to cut the corners. High-end equipment with well-versed knowledge on operating is thus, inevitable. Hiring a real estate / property photographer means bringing latest equipment and techniques to use.

A hobbyist or an agent doesn’t have such equipment. Even if they have, they still lack the skills and background knowledge to create great property photos.


Lighting And Angles:


In architectural photography, lighting and angles play the most instrumental role in determining the quality of final results. Getting the right angles with just the right amount of light is actually harder than it seems. It is technical and only an expert is well-positioned to make things happen in the desired manner.

It includes deciding the capturing levels, using available light optimally or adding additional lighting to ensure that each room of the house looks equally enchanting. Even the trivial details of a property can be enhanced and made to look captivating by mastering lighting and using the right angles.




Great property photographs must be coherent and composed. With a lot going on, photos can look jumbled or artificial. To retain subtlety of the scene, a photographer predefines the subjects and details that will be included in the photos. Instead of randomly clicking photos, they decide where to create vertical and horizontal lines, which elements to focus and how to fill spaces in order to create well-composed property photos.