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Drone Videography (Aerial Videography) helps landlords and agents by providing visually stunning property presentations, increasing visibility and engagement, highlighting key selling points, demonstrating property scale and surroundings, and creating a memorable impression. It is an invaluable tool that contributes to effective property marketing and helps attract the right buyers or tenants. Book a DroneVideographer in London Today. Watch our property drone videography

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Detailed Property Marketing Information

At Houses and Properties, our team of skilled London drone videographers (aerial videographers) specialises in capturing stunning birds-eye view of properties from above using advanced unmanned aircraft systems equipped with high-resolution cameras.

Our drone videography services offer an exceptional way for landlords, property owners, and property developers to showcase their properties with a Birds Eye, all-encompassing view. Whether you’re looking to sell properties, attract potential tenants for rentals, or boost your property marketing efforts, Houses and Properties is here to help. With our unparalleled expertise in drone videography, we can help you unlock the true potential of your properties and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

What is Aerial Videography?

Aerial videography, also called drone videography, is a way of filming videos from up high using special flying cameras called drones. These drones have really good cameras that can capture amazing views from above.

What is An Aerial Videographer?

A videographer is someone who is really good at using drones or other flying cameras to film videos from above. They know how to operate the drone safely and get really nice shots that look smooth and visually appealing.


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