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Hidden Property Photography Fees & Charges

Ever wondered why getting professional photos of your property sometimes feels like unwrapping a mystery package? In this post, we’re diving into the world of property photography to uncover those sneaky hidden fees you might not see coming. Let’s make sure you’re in the know!

Photography Edits

So, you’ve got your photos, but what about the magic touch-ups? Some photographers throw in basic edits, but if you want that extra sparkle, like virtual furniture or blemish removal, that might mean shelling out more dough. Make sure you know what’s included in the package!

Travel Fees

If your place is a bit off the beaten path, your photographer might charge extra for the travel adventure. Always ask about travel fees upfront to avoid sticker shock later. Nobody likes surprises, especially the wallet.

photographers may pass on congestion charges and parking fees to you.

Congestion Charges

Picture this scenario: your property is nestled in the heart of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers and bustling streets. What your photographer might forget to mention is the urban jungle’s hidden fees — congestion charges and parking woes. In city centers, where finding a parking spot can feel like winning the lottery, photographers may pass on congestion charges and parking fees to you. Before your shoot day, discuss the logistics of parking and any potential city charges. It’s a small detail that can have a big impact on your overall photography experience and budget. Being upfront about these potential urban hurdles ensures a smoother shoot and avoids unexpected financial bumps on the city streets.

Image Rights

Picture this: you paid for the photos, but can you use them wherever and however you want? Some photographers hold onto the image rights, asking for extra cash if you want to plaster your pics on billboards. Check the rules before you unleash your photos on the world.

Hi-res Images

Low-res might be okay for Instagram, but if you’re dreaming of glossy brochures or posters, you might need high-res images. Guess what? That upgrade could mean more moolah. Always double-check if your package covers the pixel power you need.

Speedy Delivery

Need those pics pronto? Well, fast delivery could mean extra fees. If you’re in a hurry, make sure to ask about rush fees. Time is money, after all!

Apartment Duration

Picture day taking longer than expected? Some photographers charge extra for extra hours. Discuss the time frame upfront, and avoid getting caught in a time crunch (and a bill crunch!).

Airbnb Photography

While some photographers specialize in capturing the unique charm of short-term rentals, be aware that Airbnb photography may come with its own set of fees. Ensure that your chosen photographer understands the specific requirements for Airbnb listings, from showcasing cozy nooks to highlighting practical amenities. Discuss the pricing structure for Airbnb-focused shoots, and clarify if there are any additional charges for tailoring the photos to meet the platform’s standards. A picture-perfect Airbnb can be a game-changer, but understanding the costs involved ensures a harmonious partnership between your property and the camera lens.

Cancellation Fees

Life happens, plans change, we get it. But canceling last minute might mean coughing up some extra cash. Check the cancellation policy to avoid any surprise fees if your plans take an unexpected turn.

Alright, savvy homeowners and property professionals, the key to a smooth property photography appointments is being in the know. Chat it up with your photographer, ask questions, and don’t be shy about what you want. No one likes hidden fees, but a little upfront chit-chat can keep your property photo journey free from unexpected plot twists. Happy snapping!

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