I developed my interest in real estate pretty young and bought my first property at the age of 19. I developed properties and put them on the rental market. Later, I started aserviced apartment company in London. In all these years, I have seen the industry change and grow. Rapid change is challenging to mitigate but at the same time they are fun. Today, buyer behaviours are different. Their priorities and preferences are different. The industry is anything but what it used to be back in the day.

I have realized that in this digital age, visual gratification and appeal is inevitable for any business to grow and sustain. There is no way around it. The same goes for properties. I can say that from my experience. Pictures of your property can be a game changer. They can either be a turn on or a complete turn off.

Having this in mind, I started ‘Houses&Properties’ because apart from the knowledge of photography, great property photographs also require an equally profound understanding of property buyers/renters. Contact us today.

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