Property Floor Plan In London

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Increases enquiries (a recent survey revealed that 88% of people like to see a floor plan in a listing).

Reduces misrepresentation issues.

It helps buyers, renters visualise the space.

Reduce time wasting.

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Additional Information & Articles

When marketing your property in an aim to sell or find a tenant, it is important that the exact measurements and layout of your property is clear for those who have not been inside your property before. It is an essential marketing tool as it helps a prospective buyer or renter decide whether to book a viewing of your property or not, and thus time wasting is drastically reduced.

A floor plan is a simple drawing of the layout of your property. This is usually drawn from the view of a bird; known as a bird’s eye view (from the top). Size of rooms, windows, walls, doors, beds and equipment are all some examples of what can be seen in floor plans . A professionally-drawn floor plan is a vital addition to your property’s marketing efforts.

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